Urban Executions Units

The delimitation of the Execution Units consists in defining the physical limits for the realization of an urban intervention, carrying out the identification of all the properties covered with their recognition in a cadastral plan. They must be delimited with the purpose of assuring the urban development of the area in a harmonious way, whose distribution of benefits and charges between the involved owners is fair and balanced.

The urban Execution Units allow concretizing an urbanistic vision about a certain area in the territory. It can happen on the initiative of Municipalities or through the request of private owners, without, however, the need to make an Urbanization Plan or a Detail Urban Plan.

The urbanistic solution should in a harmonious and balanced way include areas, spaces and equipment of public character, carrying out the proposal with the peripheral urban structure. The intervention areas are delimited through the physical limits of each cadastral plan, in which they are inserted; identifying all the buildings covered, sharing all the benefits and charges of the proposed solution, by the involved owners.

These are delicate operations that must be studied by competent, ambivalent and multidisciplinary teams such as Konceptness.