Fesability Studies

A feasibility study is a technical document that draws up a set of information prior to any type of project or work, which can enhance or define the conditions for the entire future of your project or investment. The necessary analyses are carried out to understand the conditions for the implementation of the project, studying the possibilities in search of the best solution that complies with the legislation in vigour.

Konceptness sustains its technical feasibilities studies on the verification of the urbanistic parameters legally demanded for a specific territory. Through this territorial knowledge, we relate it to the type of programme-use-objective-product of the customer, framing it in the best position for the expansion of his business, in a perspective at short/medium term or medium/long term.

Through the elaboration of the feasibility’s studies, the client will mitigate heavy investments in resources and time, avoiding the project getting stuck in processes with no end in sight at the local or external entities.

We divide into different feasibilities studies:

  • Territorial feasibility: which is the best position for your business to expand, in line with the objective strategies of each brand. There are brands that have very well-defined expansion guidelines, but for those who don’t have the know-how, we’ve listed a series of urban planning parameters that prove the best area for your investment;
  • Technical feasibility: faced with the best position for the business, we enumerate the urbanistic indexes, uses and parameters that territory holds, through the legally applicable regulations;
  • Feasibility with a Reasonableness Matrix: in view of the type of use and project, we calculate the type of investment needed to be applied, calculating rates and potential risks, helping the client to make decisions regarding their investment.