Land Division Processes

In accordance with the applicable legal terms, Konceptness pursues the best urbanistic solution, through its vast multidisciplinary team, preparing its subdivision projects, in accordance with the parameters established in the different territorial planning plans, of each municipality.

Konceptness has as a premise, with the project it develops, to take the maximum  profitability and efficiency to its client, reconciling with the best urban framework. In this way, we act in the project from the beginning to the end, putting ourselves at your disposal for the conduction of the whole process and taking care of all the necessary steps for the success of the project.

The Land Division Processes includes several important aspects for its execution: the indication of areas for each project, with the implantation that builds structure the desired urban image; all the description and tracing of the flows and the basic urban infrastructures, such as sanitation, electricity network, waste collection; the regulation of the land division process, with construction indexes and parameters; the areas to be given to the public domain, as well as the areas for green spaces and collective equipment.

Delicate operations such as land division must be studied by competent, ambivalent and multidisciplinary teams, such as Konceptness.