Building Licensing

All construction, building utilization, urban development and land use operations require one or various types of licensing. A license is a permission that must be obtained from the respective entities before building, modifying or using a residential or industrial building, shop, exterior space, etc. Licensing is an essential requirement enabling entities to certify that your building or space complies with all regulation requirements for the construction process, building stability, fire safety (SCIE), health, environmental and heritage protection. At Konceptness, and depending on the type of project, our team is specialized in obtaining all necessary information from the competent entities.

If you need to quickly and effectively obtain licenses and preliminary notifications to carry out construction work, either for new or existing buildings, or to legalize them, consult Konceptness!

Why choose Konceptness to obtain the necessary Licensing?

  • Portugal’s economic growth has resulted in ongoing alterations of applicable legislation.
  • In Portugal, a city’s individual zones have different regulations to be considered in the licensing process.
  • Bureaucratic stages of the licensing process are lengthy and involve a lot of effort, for which we provide continuous assistance.

At Konceptness, we have a team of professionals with over 18 years of proven experience in preparing all the necessary information for obtaining the various types of licenses. Our team is always up to date on the latest licensing requirements, fees and any legal alterations related with your space or building.

To facilitate the process and save our clients’ precious time, at Konceptness we provide comprehensive licensing services across the board, enabling clients to relax and let us handle the process. We prepare the entire process, submit it, and follow it up until the mandatory licenses are obtained.

What licensing services does Konceptness provide?

Konceptness is by your side to handle all the following requirements:

  • Town Council Licenses
  • Commerce and Services
  • Industrial Licensing
  • Zero (simplified) Licensing
  • Licensing of Pharmacies
  • Licensing of Health and Leisure Units
  • Licensing of Social Buildings
  • Licensing of Fuel Stations
  • Environmental Licensing
  • Licensing Feasibility

Konceptness will be available to handle the entire process, taking care of all licensing procedures, to obtain licenses for the construction and utilization of your space or building.