Licensing and Construction Feasibility

Setting up a project involves various fields of expertise. However, some suggested solutions might not be feasible or allowed under current legislation! The owner is not aware of these obstacles! And when the project is underway, unexpected problems and delays will take place. This situation may cause higher costs, followed by losses and work delays!

How does the Konceptness licensing and construction feasibility study avoid those problems?

The licensing and construction feasibility analysis is fundamental for our clients since it facilitates and serves as a guideline for the decision process to obtain the best result for their investment and to guarantee completion of the project within the stipulated time.

Konceptness performs the licensing and construction feasibility analysis for the building/space in question and checks its compliance with legal requirements and provides guidance to ensure your investment is successful. We meticulously evaluate your project based on our team’s proven experience of over 18 years in Licensing and Construction to guarantee that your project is ready and will feasibly become a reality according to the specified Quality, Safety, Cost and Deadlines.

What does the Konceptness licensing and construction feasibility analysis include?

At Konceptness, we offer the licensing and construction feasibility analysis service which enables our clients to determine whether their project is feasible according to the two following aspects:

1. Licensing Feasibility to determine whether your project is compatible with applicable legislation, legal standards and regulations:

Before renting or purchasing a building/space for your planned activity, make sure that you can perform that activity in the building or space. The licensing feasibility study determines whether the activities planned for the building or space may be carried out. We also check all legal and regulatory constraints, namely those related to infrastructures, administrative easements, public utility restrictions, urban development rates, height of façades, distances and other restrictions applicable to the required works.

  • Whether for the start-up of your new building/business space, or for restructuring purposes, it is crucial that we check the respective feasibility.
  • We check whether your project requires any adjustments or alterations to make it compatible with legal requirements imposed by competent entities.
  • We check whether the project complies with the standards of the specialized fields and how we can resolve any issues.

2. Construction Feasibility to perform a constructability analysis:

  • We check whether it is feasible to complete your project according to the respective specialized fields: Architecture, Licensing, Fire Safety and Supervision, all of which will facilitate and guarantee compliance and success of the project’s objectives.
  • We evaluate your project’s planning and schedule according to requirements, scope, work structure, respective activities, resources, duration of activities, costs and budget, quality plans, human resources, contracting and acquisition plans.
  • We identify potential obstacles in advance, prior to construction, and issue recommendations and alternative solutions for/at your project.

The Konceptness licensing and construction feasibility analysis has been proven to make the difference and save our clients time and money. We guarantee that your project’s various aspects – Quality, Safety, Cost and Deadlines – will be controlled to create a distinct building/home space in which you have invested with the highest possible return.