Property Management Consulting

Rehabilitation of built heritage has become an indispensable part of city policies worldwide to preserve national culture and identity and thereby fulfil the goals of requalifying and revitalizing cities.

The design to alter your building of historic value must consider all the building’s characteristics to respect them and to plan the building’s rehabilitation or to change its utilization. The result will ensure harmony between the past and the future.

Why Built Heritage Management by Konceptness? 

At Konceptness we believe that Built Heritage need special care for genuine property preservation, management and utilization. This approach guarantees optimum utilization of the property and sustainable use of resources. For historic buildings or spaces, reconversion requires a symbiosis between the past’s historical-cultural content and the future’s practical and emotional aspects. By searching through records, we can determine the chronological sequence to analyze fundamental content and to create a solid basis for placing the future program within a framework. Substantiation of the future program will ensure a successful reconversion.

We offer clients creative solutions to optimize a building’s space and to maximize the physical and financial capital while ensuring a streamlined and across the board coordination of the entire construction process, from the concept to technical assistance at the worksite. To assist you in making decisions concerning your reconversion project, our team explores the different potential scenarios and submits the solutions best suited to your objectives and needs.

What Property Asset Management services do we offer?

  • Studies and projects for the conservation and rehabilitation of buildings;
  • Organization of works contract processes and processes to acquire goods and services;
  • Supervision of works contracts and follow-up in the acquisition of goods or services;
  • Preparation and follow-up of licensing processes for interventions to built heritage issued by external entities;
  • Follow-up of intervention processes for Historic and Architectonic Heritage, whether it be construction work or other types of works;
  • Assistance for management of spaces and properties to optimize their occupation and utilization;
  • Management and/or preparation of projects and works contracts.